Some Brilliant Ideas of Shower Without Doors

Anyone keen on following home design trends has probably come across awesome doorless showers. The trend is catching on among modern homeowners with a knack for elegance and style. But why design a shower without doors, anyway?  Commonly referred to as walk-in showers, doorless showers are revered for their style and functionality. Apart from creating a spacious feel to any bathroom, these showers come with loads of style. Having no curb at the entry, a shower with no door also makes it accessible for people with mobility issues.

If you are thinking of doing a bathroom makeover in the near future, consider embracing this design concept. With no glass to stand in the way of traffic flow, rest assured that your bathroom will feel airy and roomy. What’s more, you have a variety of styles to choose from according to your unique needs. Here are some great design ideas for doorless showers to help you get started.

Capitalize on the showerhead

Many people install showers without doors for the sole reason of style. If you swim in this pool, you might want to go all the way by ditching your angled traditional showerhead.  Instead, install rain mount showerheads or any other showerhead that points straight downward. Apart from enhancing the entire look of your bathroom, it is less likely to splash water in your bath area.

Install half-wall to keep your bathroom dry

One of the not-so-good facts about doorless showers is that they can get the bathroom wet. This is particularly a subject of concern for homeowners who have multiple use baths. An example is a bathroom that doubles up as a washroom. Having water splash all over means your toilet paper will get wet. To avoid this, install half a glass of glass or marble in your shower area. Apart from minimizing splashing, it can also make up for a great design option. A half-wall is not as visually invasive as a complete one so it will achieve a level of style for your bathroom.

Use different flooring on your shower

Let’s face it: many doorless showers use the same tile for flooring, walls, and the rest of the bathroom. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, it simply does very little to awaken the room. Using colored matte floorings like unglazed travertine, limestone, or slate, on the other hand, makes the bathroom look elegant and stylish. Additionally, it promotes safety against falling and slipping.

Bring in some color with mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are primarily used in walk-in showers to add color and make the bathroom pop. If you want to move away from having an all-white traditional bathroom, this is a great idea to explore. Install colored mosaic walls around your shower and a half-transparent or tinted glass to reveal the stunning creation behind it.

All White still works

Although color revitalizes a bathroom, white has a special ability to make it feel more open and airier. It is a timeless color with plenty of matching walls, tiles, roofing, and other accessories. To add some style to your bathroom, play with different materials for different sections. For instance, install a white half marble wall, a white-tiled bench, white slate floors, etc. The look of an all-white bath combined with the brown color of your bathroom cabinets is ridiculously eye-catching.

Play with different tiles

Another fantastic design idea for a shower without a door is to use tiles to your advantage. This idea is particularly great for homeowners with limited spaces for their baths. Take advantage of a tall ceiling and stack a gazillion rectangular tiles all the way from the floor to the ceiling. Doing this elongates the space and makes it appear higher. Don’t be afraid to use different colored tiles for your walls. For example, install white walls on one wall and black ones on the adjacent one. Change the orientation of the tiles for better aesthetics. You will be forever thankful for having pushed the buttons

Go dark with honeycomb tiles

Speaking of playing with tiles, a black honeycomb tile strategically positioned in a shower can make it look irresistible. Don’t worry; you don’t necessarily have to overhaul your entire shower and fill it up with black honeycomb tiles. A meticulous installation on a wall around a glass opening will make your bath appear neutral and warm.

The minimalist design

A good chunk of homeowners considers doorless showers to be a grand design concept. However, this doesn’t have to be your story. If you don’t fancy going overboard with home design, you can keep things simple. Pass on the sky-high tiles, different flooring, multiple showerheads, and half marble walls. Instead, maintain a traditional white shower wall, a concrete floor, simple windows, and perhaps a colorful bucket for some oomph.

Match your shower design with the rest of your bathroom

For those doing a minor shower upgrade, this is a fantastic idea to consider. Rather than doing something totally new, settle for a matching design with the rest of your bathroom. As a matter of fact, a smooth transition from the bathroom to a doorless shower is quite pleasing to the eye. Maintain the material used in the walls of your bath with those of your shower. Install the same floors as well, provided they are non-slip.

Utilize a number of showerheads

Having many showerheads in one shower may sound like a far-fetched idea for most people. The reason is installation requires a rather complicated plumbing job. Multiple spray-head showers also consume a lot of water. While both of these statements are true, you can make your dream come true if you can ensure your plumbing and water usage are up to the task. Having as many as 7 spray nozzles splashing water on your body is a definition of great relaxation.

Cost considerations for a shower without doors

Unlike a bathroom with glass shower doors, the installation of a doorless shower can be quite pricey. A prefab kit is typically the least expensive option. In this case, you might spend anything between $800 and $2,500 depending on the size of the shower and the quality of the materials used. If you call in professional help, you are looking at spending a further $750 to $2,500 based on the specific plumbing requirements.

A custom-made shower without doors is a job for the experts. There’s a lot that goes into installation. Essentially, the shower pan is handmade from concrete then covered by a waterproof membrane, and finally by tile. Directing spray nozzles requires additional plumbing that can be hard to understand by the Average Joe. Construction of the walls entails the installation of concrete-backer boards to help hold the tile. If you choose to use thicker glass for the walls rather than the standard sheets of glass, your cost will go up. Overall, a custom glass wall will set you back around $6,500 to $15,000.

Additional tips for success

  • Size is everything when it comes to a doorless shower. Most local building codes require a minimum of 36 inches by 36 inches. However, you need additional space to prevent water from splashing to the rest of the room. The recommended space needed is 24 inches at the entry of the sower and a minimum of 4 ft. wide and 4 ft. deep.
  • Utilize waterproof fixtures and lights for obvious reasons
  • Use overlapping short walls at the entryway to keep water where it belongs.
  • Go for non-slippery floors for safety reasons

A doorless shower is the next best trend in the home design industry. If you don’t mind compromising on your privacy for insane style, this design concept is meant for you. Fab Glass and Mirror not only provides the professional services of installing the showers but also offers a wide range of glass showers along with other glass products. With a ton of experience and knowledge in the installation of showers, you bet your project will be in good hands. Visit their website today to begin your journey of a bathroom makeover.

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