5 Important Facts about the Himalayan Salt Lamps

Just like specific things that add stress in your life, there are some soothing and relaxing things such as a warm glow of a campfire and Himalayan Salt Lamps that promise to reduce anxiety.  Honestly, who doesn’t need comforting things in their lives? This is the reason that Himalayan Salt Lamps have become hugely popular over the past few years.

Himalayan salt lamps
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These salt lamps are decorative lights that enhance the beauty of your house. How people use to say that a trend never ends; it always comes back, and this lamp is clear proof. In the 1980s, its first popular come back occurred. Due to the relaxing vibes and health benefits, our techy society somehow needs these lamps. In this post, you can learn interesting facts about Himalayan salt lamps, their advantages and some important uses like how can these lamps help you to throw negative vibes out of your house. So, let’s start  

What does science say about these salt lamps? 

According to scientific theories, this is a miraculous household decoration item which renders lots of health, environmental, residential and commercial benefits to the human being. Not only have the people of the modern era but also from the past used this pink attracted salt lamps. Typically, this is a natural and mineral product that is alluring various industrial, health and environmental issues. The salt used in this type of lamps is the purest form of salt that naturally occurs in this world. The pink color of this salt is because it contains almost 84 human body friendly minerals.  

Important and interesting facts about the Himalayan Salt Lamps 

In this part, you can learn both scientific and healthy facts of this salt lamp.  

Heal nervous disorders 

Himalayan Salt Lamps are used in a medical therapy that is known as Speleotherapy. This is a salt-based therapy in which a person is sent to the deep of salt mine. There, he is exposed to negative ions which help to uplift nervous and respiratory disorders. In this way, the patient feels a lot better and improvised. Salt Lamps are the best way to heal nervous disorders, and it is beneficial for patients who are suffering from anxiety and depression to use Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps in their houses and workplaces.  

Improve air quality

Salt lamps are often claimed to purify the air of your industrial and residential areas. Further, these lamps are hugely beneficial for the people that are fighting with allergies and asthma diseases. These diseases have negatives effect on the respiratory function of the human body. It is not scientifically proven that the Himalayan salt lamps improve air quality or help your body to remove severe pathogens. The claim that these lamps are beneficial for people with respiratory disorders is mainly based on the traditional practice of halotherapy. In this therapy, people suffering from chronic disease are advised to use the small amount of this salt daily.  

These Lamps can boost your mood 

The soothing pink color of these salt chunks helps to eliminate the negative vibes from your house. According to the research results of many animal studies, the exposure of high levels of negative ions in the air improves the serotine level. It is a chemical that is involved in boosting positivity in your surroundings. Moreover, the psychological claims of human studies about air ionization have no consistent effect on improving moods.  

Salt Lamps help you to sleep better

Different researches have not claimed the effects of Himalayan Salt Lamps on sleep, but according to the experience of people, dim pinkish light of this salt lamp promotes sleepiness at the end of the day. When you replace the bright electric light with a natural dim one, it has a very soothing effect on your tired eyes. Use of bright lights before going to bed diminish the production of melatonin the sleep hormones.  

Bigger Salt Rock Lamps provides more beneficial negative ions: 

It is already clear from the above mention detail that Himalayan Salt Lamps have a significant effect on our surroundings but their size matters. Does the size of your room is large as compared to a normal one? Then you need a salt lamp that is larger as compared to the usual one. These salt lamps come in the form of the basket in which small rocks are stored in a basket, or a large piece of stone is settled on the base of the basket. These salt lamps can promote healthy negative ions into the rooms with large areas.  

Except for these facts of Himalayan Salt Lamp, it also has many benefits, some of them are 

  • Increase attractiveness: due to the warming tint of pink color add more attraction to your house. 
  • Create a nice ambiance: Himalayan salt lamps help you to create a soothing atmosphere that allows your mind to remain fresh. 
  • Help to limit bright electric lights: these lamps also help you to restrict bright lights in the evening that has a positive effect on your sleeping orders.  

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