12 Sleek Ways to Remodel Entire Home Space Using Glass Products

Are you looking to modernize the interior of your home? The simplest way to do that is to make use of glass. It can give your home a sleek, classy, and fresh look.

Renovating or remodeling your house is your way of leaving a mark on the property. You can also increase its value, this way if you are looking to sell it. However, renovation does not necessarily mean that you change its identity, rather enhance it.

 For this, glass is an incredible option to remodel your entire home space. Installation of glass is not only economical but gives your home a homey yet sleek look.

Why Use Glass for Remodeling?

Glass has countless applications and uses around the house. It is versatile and easy to cut at home, which is why you can use it for various spaces and plays.

The following are several key reasons why you should install glass during the renovation process.

•    It is versatile, and you can cut into whichever shape or size you need.

•    Glass panels can brighten up the inside of your home. They let natural light in and simultaneously reflect light from lamps.

•    As glass comes in several designs and styles, you have a lot of options to choose from.

•    You do not have to invest much time and energy when cleaning glass. 

•    Since glass improves the beauty of your home, it can also appeal to potential buyers.

•    The glass products available on the market nowadays are manufactured from recycled material. Thus, making them an excellent choice for eco-friendliness.

Ways to Use Glass Products when Remodeling your Home

Given below are 12 ways to use glass around the house to give it a more appealing and sleek layout.

  1. Tempered glass countertops

You can use tempered glass countertops to replace countertops made of granite. This type of glass is known for its durability and resistance and is, thus, quite popular. It will give your kitchen a pristine look.

Though a little costly, you are advised to use tempered glass to make countertops as their sturdiness and ability to withstand high temperatures make them worth the price. Furthermore, they are unique and can easily be combined to create several patterns and colors of your choice.

  • Glass room partitions or glass dividers

Technically, a glass wall is a paneled and framed structure used to create a boundary between spaces. The fact that glass is flexible means that you can incorporate it in several places. They can be used to divide the space between your children in a room or to separate a home gym, and play area along with various other possibilities. Glass dividers will also provide you with the illusion of bigger space and keep the area open and light.

You can choose from clear, stained, or textured glass to make glass walls inside your home. Textured glass is mainly used as a partition between the bedroom and the bathroom. Its translucency will give you much-needed privacy in the bathroom. And, it is an ideal replacement for the outdated shower curtain.

Clear and stained-glass dividers, on the other hand, are much more economical than textured glass. They will brighten up your home by giving it an aesthetically pleasing look. Often used to separate two zones in a small space, you can install these dividers to distinguish between the play and study areas in your kid’s room.

  • Glass shower doors and tub enclosures

In order to enhance the functionality and beauty of your bathroom, you are advised to install glass shower doors or tub enclosures. There are three kinds of shower doors for you to choose from namely, framed, frameless and semi-frameless doors. They each come with their own styles, designs, and patterns for you to choose from. Glass types ranging from textured, frosted, stained, clear to tempered glass can be used.

Glass enclosures are not only a viable replacement for the hazardous shower curtain but sophisticated as well. They can be economical or expensive for you, depending on the type of glass, frame, and design used. Moreover, they can make your bathroom appear spacious and light. The Ideal use for shower doors is that they are installed to ensure that water does not collect on the ground or flood into another room. Glass shower doors and tub enclosures add value to your bathroom and give it a sleek look.

  • Glass window panes

It is often said that remodeling windows guarantee the highest returns in terms of comfort and finance, both. Installing double-glazed glass will preserve the temperature inside the house while allowing you to save up on cooling and heating costs. Additionally, even if you replace windows with ordinary glass panels, you can give your home an aesthetically pleasing ambiance.

For windows too, you have a lot of options to select from. Generally, clear or stained glass is used to allow you a view from the indoors and to let in sunlight. Shatterproof glass can also be installed as it has a sturdy quality and can withstand high temperatures. Thus, you will not have to worry about it breaking or scratching.

  • Glass tabletops

Glass tabletops can be an incredibly beautiful and stylish addition to your living room. They are versatile and can be molded into any shape or style you prefer. Any glass ranging from textured to clear can be used to make these tabletops. The sturdy and durable quality of glass ensures added value to your home. Moreover, glass is easier to clean and will not take up much of your time and energy.

  • Glass stairs and staircases

Does your house need a modern makeover? A straightforward way to do that is to swap wooden handrails and railings for sleek, glass ones. They have various patterns and styles in laminated and tempered glass to ensure that your house looks stunning.

You can also replace wood planks with glass steps. There exists an architectural glass to build staircases that can hold their weight and of the people on it. Therefore, glass can be sturdy and can add a touch of sophistication to your home.

  • Glass ceilings

Is your home deprived of sunlight during the day? Well, the easiest way to ensure that your house is not draped in darkness is to install a glass ceiling. This is often done in homes where the rooms are too small for the installation of windows. By adding skylights to your home, you are not only enhancing the brightness on the inside but giving it an eye-catching appearance. Economical and magical, lights can give your home a heavenly presence.

  • Glass flooring

Using the glass on the floor of your home will enhance its beauty and practicality. They are sturdy and able to withstand heavyweights. You can use multiple types of glass for flooring inclusive of frosted and textured or whichever one complements the décor of your home. They are usually installed on the ground or upper floors to allow light to illuminate the areas below them.

  • Glass tiles

Glass tiles can be added to the floor, ceiling, or walls of your home. They provide a wide range of patterns, designs, and styles falling in different price categories. Usually installed in bathrooms, colored glass tiles can give it a dramatic and classy effect.

  1. Glass cabinets

Kitchen glass cabinets are usually designed in a way to display the contents to the viewer. Thus, you can use clear glass if you are looking to show off your dishes or utensils. You may not know it now, but once you artistically place them, your china and bake-ware on display will make your kitchen look classy and elegant.

  1. Glass shelves

You will need to use tempered glass to replace the wooden shelves in your home as it can withstand weighty objects. Glass shelves will provide you with a direct view of the contents inside. They give your home a modern and spacious look. Moreover, glass shelves are easier to clean and comparatively last longer than wooden shelves.

  1. Glass doorways

You can install a glass door made out of frosted or textured glass by combining it with trendy doorknobs. They will maintain your privacy and give your home a classy and sleek appearance.

Updating the décor in your home with the help of glass will not only add to its value but, enhance its existing features. You will be able to show off your elegant and classy interior to friends, neighbors, and even potential buyers.

So, why wait? Plan and remodel!

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