Tips for Creating a Home Gym in the Garage

Working out on a daily basis does not only help in bodybuilding; it also strengthens the muscles and increases mental stimulation. However, so many people who are interested in working out either find it difficult to pay the monthly membership fees requested by some gym facility owners, while others have difficulty locating a gym in the local vicinity. 

One way of putting an end to these difficulties is by turning your garage into a home gym. Creating a home gym that has a gym wall mirror in your garage isn’t only convenient, it is also cost-saving, and distraction-free leading to an effective workout session. 

The basic equipment you need in your garage gym

Although the equipment you will need in your garage gym will largely depend on your budget and goal, some of the must-have equipment for a home garage gym includes: 

  • Olympic Bar and Bumper Plates
  • Squat Rack
  • Pullup Bar
  • Peripheral Equipment
  • Gymnastic Rings
  • Weight Bench
  • Kettlebells
  • Gym wall mirror

What are the benefits of having a gym wall mirror in your home gym garage?

A gym garage can never be complete without a gym wall mirror. Mirrors are of great benefit to everyone who enjoys having a workout session. First, it helps you check your formation and ensure that the bar is lifted straight on your back. With a gym wall mirror, you can also know when to go deeper with your squat. In addition, mirrors also help you study your progress after each session to see the fruits of your regular exercise.

Tips for Creating a Home Gym in Your Garage

  • Prioritize the equipment: Home gym budgets are usually very tight, and that is why you need to decide on the type of equipment that must be placed as a priority. Once you have some of the essential equipment in your garage, you can choose to add more equipment gradually. 
  • Avoid overcrowding: The garage is a small space; therefore, you must learn to manage your space effectively by opting for only the vital equipment you need on a daily basis.
  • De-clutter the garage: It doesn’t make sense to move your equipment to a garage that is littered with various types of items. You must de-clutter and free up some space by getting rid of items you do not need.
  • Determine your goal and budget: Your goal and budget are the two most significant factors to be considered when setting up a garage gym. Knowing your goal helps you set up a gym with a gym wall mirror that is tailored to meet that goal. Knowing your budget determines the type of equipment that can be placed in your garage gym. 
  • Think about heating and cooling: One of the major challenges of training in the garage is that you have less control over the temperature and humidity. And that is why you may need to get a heater, air conditioner, fan, or all of the above based on the area you reside in. 

Benefits of owning a home garage gym

There are so many benefits derivable from creating a home gym in your garage. 

  • It saves money: The biggest benefit of owning a garage gym with a gym wall mirror in your home is that it frees you up from paying monthly membership fees most gym facilities request. Although, you will have to make some upfront investment when setting up your garage gym at home, however in the long run, you stand to gain a lot from this decision.
  • Convenient: Another advantage of owning a garage gym is the ease of movement. You no longer need to commute to the gym on a daily basis; you also won’t need to go through the stress of looking for a parking space or waiting for anyone to finish with the equipment you need. Instead, you will have an environment that is completely free from distractions for your workout session.

Does having a garage gym add value to the home?

Although having a garage gym with a gym wall mirror may not increase the sales value of your home, it will definitely increase the desirability of your home to prospective buyers. A home gym increases the appeal of your home to some buyers, which makes it a major differentiator and advantageous over others when you want to sell your home. 


Finally, having a gym garage with a gym wall mirror is a major project that requires an upfront investment. However, this investment decision is worth it in the long run because you will never have to wake up and commute to a gym facility, nor do you have to pay an exorbitant fee to gym facility owners. Instead, you will enjoy your workout session in an environment that is convenient and free from all forms of distraction.

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