Checkout Some Splendid Outdoor Shower Ideas

Outdoor showers are becoming increasingly popular by the day. Maybe it is because of the weather conditions we find ourselves in, especially during the summer. Or it might be that we love the fresh air and water that splashes over our faces. Either way, we are left with an enormous amount of negative ions touching our skin and leaving us refreshed.

Outdoor showers come in handy during the day after a long work or walk in the forest, sand, and field. Instead of trying to take the work clothes and shoes inside, it is better to wash up by the side of the house before stepping indoors.

Many outdoor showers get built-in pools and beaches as a sort of rinse-off or privacy.  The open types find themselves in these places because of the number of people that visit them daily. Some people use them as changing rooms in these places, others just want a cold or rinse-off shower.

Other types of outdoor shower ideas are found outside of homes and gardens where people cool off during summer or get hot in winter.

Today, the big question is, what must an outdoor shower idea contain? Here are some of the ideas we have come up with.

Outdoor shower ideas should carry green backgrounds

Enjoying nature is the essence of locating a shower in your front or backyard. However, to make it feel like home, decorate whatever plan you might have for the place with flowers and greens.

There is a tropical ring to it when you find out that you’re surrounded by green leafy branches while taking your bath.

Floor outdoor shower with tiles or gravel

As slippery as most people have assumed tiles to be, especially when it is in contact with water. There are also tiles with rough decorative surfaces that fit perfectly for outdoor shower floor decor.

With gravel, you can almost assume there is a solid floor for the amount of water used in the shower and the channel they take.

People value tiles for their aesthetic value as well, as they provide exciting color and pattern combinations from the wall to the patio.

Manage the flow of water in an outdoor shower

As soon as the water drops from the shower door, it is all about managing the flow to the drainage system. Every outdoor shower system should have this to avoid a slug of water.

If you use gravel for the flooring of the whole shower, it should be enough to cover the amount of water on the floor.

It is not okay to find water littered around the place an outdoor shower is located.

The minimalist look is more welcoming

Having an expansive outdoor bathroom is nothing compared to an open smaller sized outlet. It allows the user the luxury of managing their space. With just a sleek curved shower head, a sweet sensation gets felt after every bath.

Outdoor showers are architecturally invigorating

Every outdoor shower hopes to display a unique set of architectural designs or a simple minimalist look. An ideal outdoor glass shower door should carry a sense of the owners’ style and design irrespective of who is using it.

An ideal outdoor shower should have a cover.

Whether it is an open, partially-closed, or closed shower, a cover is required. These covers can be mirrored glass, aluminum, wood, curtain, or zinc.

Styles of Outdoor Showers  

  • Nook inspired outdoor shower idea

Sometimes there isn’t enough space to have a full-blown showed outside. In such a scenario, where you’re trying to preserve indoor floors from accumulating sand and debris coming from your shoes – It is okay to use the nook by the side of the house as an outdoor shower.

  • The country setting idea of an outdoor shower

Bathing outside doesn’t mean losing a sense of your privacy. With an enclosed space under the bright light of the skies, one can bathe outside and still reap the same benefits.

An outdoor country shower styled with wood has enough space to go all the way without losing your sense of privacy.

  • Contemporary setting for outdoor shower decor

Indoors, a contemporary shower might come with frameless clear glass to reveal the interior decor of the bathroom. Outdoors is much more different because the tiles are used to demarcate the shower from the building together with the flooring — And still reserve space for other accessories like soaps, towels,s and a pathway for water to flow.

  • Vintage setting outdoor shower ideas

The dark chrome feature of a vintage decoration is not only left in the confines of the four walls of your room. They are now adopted as outdoor shower ideas with their monochromatic look. There is a distinguishing effect in this type of outdoor bathroom from the floor to the wall.

  • Mediterranean setting outdoor shower ideas

Decorating your outdoor shower with a Mediterranean blue, gold and yellow tile would signal a love for the hot summer culture.  Who wouldn’t want a cold shower in a chilling hot sun?

Place more emphasis on the styling on the wall and floor and avoid the use of unnecessary accessories.

  • Beachside outdoor shower

If you live near a beach or lake, you might want to wash up before setting your foot in your room. That is because of the sands you might still be having on your body, or the thrill of washing out saltwater from your system. 

A Beachside shower is simple, mostly open, and easy to access. There are only rooms for the tap, shower head, and a place for towels.

  • The traditional outdoor shower setting 

The traditional outdoor shower setting is a combination of wood and tiles harmoniously with just the showerhead and curved tap a distinguishing feature that separates both. The wooden deck found in a traditional setting can drain water outdoors and create a clear pathway to a drainage system.

  • Accessories found in an outdoor shower

Inspiring and refreshing shower ideas all come with a bit of accessory to go with it. Whether you are ordering a glass to decorate your outdoors or you are merely looking for mirrors, they got you.

Another thing that your outdoor shower should have is a type of flooring. Most people use tiles outdoors, but that can be pretty expensive to install.

Others make use of pallets and even use them to build a close shower system. 

Gravel and grass are also other types of flooring we have for an outdoor shower. Grass will need to be cut from time to time. There is a need to have more gravel every time someone takes a bath.

What you should know

An outdoor shower can be constructed by DIY if you are excellent with your hands and craftsmanship. Otherwise, it is necessary to hire professionals.

They may not require much material if you are looking to keep it simple. Mahogany wood and bamboo can be used to create a coastal living shower by the side of the house without raising any dust. One can use it to rinse before and after the pool before heading inside. 

Shower rooms created with tiles and other expensive floorings are unique and more colorful than wood can do. With it, you can also find an open and partially closed shower with glass that you can purchase glass which is a leading company to provide designed and custom shower doors on demand.

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