Contemporary Styles for Coffee Tables for your Office or Other Commercial Use

Having coffee tables in your office or commercial space is an important undertaking for any investor. Coffee tables are useful accessories that may be placed in the waiting room, common room or even the main office. Many designs may be used to transform an office to make it look more contemporary. The type of design of a glass coffee table that you chose may determine how good your office space looks. If you do not have an eye for hosing the right coffee tables, you need to do more research on the trending designs. Usually, coffee tables that have glass tops are considered trendy and when positioned in the right place can play different roles apart from being used to hold coffee cups. Mostly, in the waiting room of an office, it could be used to hold magazines and newspapers which the visitors can go through as they wait to be served.

Consequently, they may be designed with pallets which could be used to showcase certain invaluable products. It all depends on the concept of the office owner. If you are looking for contemporary designs for your office glass coffee tables, you might find this article useful.  The following are contemporary styles for coffee tables that you can buy for your office to make it more modernized.

Glass coffee table with magazine rack

Magazines always contain information about different topics affecting society. In a busy office, you will have your visitors waiting for some considerable time before they are served. During the waiting period, they can go through the magazines as a way to chase boredom. The magazine rack is tilted at an angle of 45 degrees from the glass top to the bottom of the table stands. This way, it makes the magazines to be easily arranged, and the visitors can access them easily by spotting them from the clear glass table top. Depending on the size of the coffee table, you may include a wider rack which can hold more magazines. This is the case with buying offices which are always busy most times. You need to kill the boredom off your visitors when they are at the waiting bay. Such a design will make your office space or other commercial space look inviting and more modernized.

Two piece glass coffee table

This is one of the most contemporary styles for coffee tables. It entails having a bigger glass coffee table and another smaller one. The smaller glass table has a similar design to the larger one and is tucked under the larger one. They may be placed side by side, but the smaller one is shorter in height. This difference in height makes it convenient for the smaller one to be put under the larger one. This design has been embraced by many office owners today. The advantage of this type of coffee table is that the smaller one can be removed whenever the larger one is being used. Therefore, there is always room to create more space which makes the room more comfortable. This style for coffee tables may be placed in common rooms so that your employees can use them when they are relaxing from their daily duties. You, however, need to ensure that the tables with this design are well strengthened so that they don’t crush when in use. Also, avoid placing heavy objects on this type of design since it could crack or break completely.

Glass table with pallets

You may have invaluable objects or artwork that you would like to display to your visitors in the office. Having a glass coffee table that is designed to place such objects may help to transform your office to look more contemporary and attractive. If you are looking to ensure that the artifacts are well visible to your visitors, you will need to use clear glass so that when they look through it, they can see the art or other invaluable items. It is advisable to avoid using colored glass for this type of coffee table because you don’t want to hide the center of attraction below the table.

Frameless glass coffee table

The frameless glass coffee table is a trendy design that has been embraced by office owners across the world. It makes the office look trendy and also classy. The design is made in such a way that all the surfaces including the stand are made of glass. The glass may include a self under it or just remain plain. The stability of this type of design is essential to ensure that it’s not easily knocked over. The design has the stands inclined outwards at a considerable angle to increase its stability. Such a sleek style for a coffee table may be used for the waiting room tables.  It creates a statement, and the visitors feel more comfortable in a well decorated and elegant environment.

Round glass top coffee table

This is a unique design which can be placed in the common room of your office. The advantage of the round glass top coffee table is that it can be used by multiple individuals at the same time without congestion. People using it can sit in different positions and still use the table comfortably. This is unlike the rectangular shaped coffee tables which can only be used from certain sitting positions. The round glass top coffee table can have a bottom shelf to be used for magazines and books. This is a common practice among corporate office owners who want to not only introduce contemporary designs to their working space but also provide a comfortable working environment for their employees.

Coffee table with drawers

Drawers were conventionally added in tables that were placed in the living room, kitchen or lampstands. However, the 21st century has made it possible to incorporate innovative and creative design ideas for coffee tables. You can have drawers added to your glass coffee tables so that you can use them as storage for different kind s of objects. For instance, you can utilize the drawers or the storage of coffee cups to be used by your employees. They do not need to go to the kitchen to fetch a coffee cup when you can store them in the drawers installed in your glass top coffee table.

Colored glass coffee table

Having colored glass being used for your coffee table is a common trend in the 21st century. The colored glass makes the office environment look elegant and trendy. Hosing the right color for your glass coffee tale might be challenging especially if you have never been directly involved in buying coffee tables for your office. Ideally, you could try to buy a colored glass that matches with your office theme. The color can also be customized for you to suit your specific office needs. Ultimately, all your coffee tables within the office should be cleaned regularly to avoid staining and dirt accumulation. Use the right cleaners to avoid damaging the surface of the coffee table top in the long run.

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