Rain Glass shower Door vs Colorful Shower Curtains- What’s Modern & Convenient?

Having shower door rain glass is a modern trend that every homeowner needs to have. The glass shower doors make the bathroom shower enclosure look elegant and classy. Depending on the type of glass shower enclosure that is installed in the bathroom, there are a variety of glass shower doors that can be installed. It is also dependent on the size of the bathroom. The most common types of glass shower doors include the sliding and hinged design. The hinged type is mostly installed in spacious bathrooms since it requires a lot of space for it to be opened smoothly. When a hinged shower door rain glass is installed, you ought to ensure you have space that will allow it to open to about 90 degrees in relation to the glass shower panels.

Consequently, the sliding design type is commonly installed in small apartments since they do not require much space for them to open smoothly. The sliding rails should however be well fixed to create a good looking elegant and modernized glass shower enclosure. The thought of having a colorful shower curtain in a modern bathroom is outdated and traditional. colorful shower curtains are difficult to maintain, and they easily get dirty. Cleaning colorful shower curtains need them to be removed from the shower entrance. This can, therefore, be inconvenient for anyone who needs to use the bathroom at that time. Comparing the glass shower doors and the colorful shower curtains, the former is more preferable and modernized.  This article will look into the different benefits of having glass shower doors in modern bathrooms as compared to the shower curtains since they are more convenient and classier. 

They add value to your home

Having a classy and elegant bathroom does not come easy. One has to invest in decorative materials that stand out from the traditional options. The glass shower doors are great additions to your bathroom that will raise the value of the home. A home with glass shower doors is more valuable than that which has colorful shower curtains. Due to the durability of glass doors, most people in the modern era prefer having them to the colorful shower curtains. The glass when well -maintained can last for many years, unlike the curtains which are susceptible to being damaged through wear and tear. If you want to keep your home classy with a modern touch, you should go for the glass shower doors instead of the curtains. You will not regret this decision.

They are easy to clean

Maintaining the cleanliness of a bathroom is not the second fiddle. The bathroom space should be maintained clean at all times to avoid any health risks that come with dirt. When using glass shower doors, they are flat surfaces and do not provide room for mold formation. This is a great advantage of the glass since you will not have to worry about bacterial infections to your family members. Usually, the colorful shower curtains have creases on them and are prone to absorb moisture when the bathroom is in use. This moisture creates a perfect ground for the formation of molds. To clean the colorful shower curtain, it will need to be removed and aired out in the sun before it is returned. This is more tiresome and monotonous while you can have a glass shower door that can be cleaned while still in its position.  When cleaning the glass shower doors avoid using abrasive chemicals since they can cause wear and tear of the surface. Always go for recommended cleaning agents to give the doors long durability.

They are versatile

Buying a colorful shower curtain for a modern home can be challenging since you have to find one that matches the interior décor of the bathroom. This is a time-wasting ordeal that can be avoided by installing sliding glass shower doors. The glass shower doors are versatile and can easily blend into any décor environment. If the bathroom walls are painted, the glass shower doors cannot interfere with this since they are clear. Therefore, if you are wondering what you should buy for your home upgrade, always go for the glass shower doors, and they will not disappoint you. The frameless glass shower doors are the best fit for modern-day homes.

There is proper lighting

There are many ways that a bathroom can remain lighted. You can either use natural or artificial light. The introduction of glass shower doors for glass shower enclosures is essential if you are looking forward to saving on energy that you use within your house. The glass shower doors will allow sufficient light to enter the glass shower enclosure thus making them more convenient and comfortable to use. With the curtain showers, you might look a lot of light depending on their color shades. If you have dark curtains attached to your door, you can have a dark glass shower enclosure.

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