10 Common Mistakes Related to Gym Mirrors That Make your Workouts Ineffective

Mirrors are very useful at the gym both to the gym users and in the general aesthetic of the gym space. They make working out easier and much safer since people can see what they are doing and their body is positioned during the gym sessions. Even experienced people feel the need to monitor their postures while lifting weights or when stretching to ensure you are doing the exercises most effectively and safely. The aesthetic purpose is that they make the gym space feel larger and help in improving the lighting of the gym which boosts the psyche in the place. It is therefore essential to install mirrors at the right places in the proper way to ensure gym users enjoy these benefits. This paper discusses ten mistakes you should avoid when placing or fixing mirrors in the gym. 

1. Avoid the use of full-length mirrors at the gym

Mirrors used at the gym should not be full-length to prevent objects that may accidentally fall and roll on the floor from breaking the mirror. The bottom part of the gym mirror should be at least 50cm from the floor. At that position, people can see their full stance from the floor very easily and at the same time ensure their security by ensuring the mirror is not in the way of rolling metals. A full-length mirror is a waste of resources at the gym. However, use a mirror that is big enough to accommodate the full image of gym users.

2. Avoid using very small mirrors

Very small mirrors in the exercise area of the gym are not recommended. The reason behind this is that it will strain people working out at the gym since they want to check their postures and body positioning, but they are limited by the small size of the mirror. It is challenging to work out in front of a small mirror since it will force you to take weird postures to see yourself. People can even end up causing harm to themselves or not achieving their goals for that day. Use a large gym mirror for your gym. 

3. Do not place mirrors behind equipment

Putting gym mirrors behind equipment will not help achieve their desired purpose at the gym. It also makes it impossible for people to see themselves as they exercise. This can also encourage wrong utilization of the equipment as the user tries to see them as they work out. Wrong use of gym equipment can cause injury to self or others within the gym. Placing mirrors in front of equipment is recommended. 

4. Use of ordinary glass mirrors

Using ordinary glass mirrors is discouraged for safety purposes. Ordinary glass breaks easily and can cause injury in the event of breakage. It is recommended that the gym manager consults with a mirror expert to be guided on choosing the right quality of glass mirror that will not break easily when hit. 

5. Avoid fixing the mirror at oblique angles

Fixing mirrors at oblique or tilted angles has an adverse effect on the user. They will find themselves tilting to fit well in the mirror. This can cause injury or ineffective exercise. It is also tiring to keep on tilting so that you can see yourself well from the mirror. Gym mirrors should be placed in upright positions so that people can see their image clearly in an upright position and avoid the risk of injury. 

6. Placing the mirrors at high positions 

Placing gym mirrors at significant heights is also not recommended. This is especially so when they are placed on places that require gym users to exercise while standing. For such exercises and workouts, it is important for people to have the full view of their posture, from the feet to the head. With raised mirrors, it is not possible to access a full posture view, and hence they are discouraged. Placing the mirror 50cm from the floor of the gym is an appropriate and safe position. 

7. Supporting mirrors on unfixed stands 

This is extremely dangerous for a gym setting. The mirrors can be knocked over any time posing an injury risk to those using the gym. Supports on which mirrors are placed should be firmly fixed to guarantee safety for the users and prevent the mirrors from being toppled over and breaking.

8. Mirrors placed away from the light source

During the position of the mirrors, it is essential to avoid putting them away from light since they will not produce the desired aesthetic effect. When placed away from natural light the mirror cannot function properly in lighting up the place. It is important to position gym mirrors opposite to the source of light so that it can be reflected in the gym making it feel larger and brighter. The effect of a well lit and virtually larger gym space in improving the mood of the place cannot be overlooked. 

9. Use of patterned mirror designs

Patterned mirror designs are not recommended for the gym. It is difficult to see your image clearly on a patterned mirror, and hence this design will not be helpful to gym users. Such designs would be a distraction at the gym, and people end up not doing what they went there to do. Simple mirrors with plain surfaces are the best designs to be used for gym mirrors. The gym user can see their image clearly and concentrate on the work out rather than marveling at the artistic designs of patterned mirrors and going home without working out enough. Patterned mirrors also do not have the aesthetic effect of clear mirrors and therefore would be effective in making the gym space appear bigger. 

10. Don’t place the mirror away from the training space

The purpose of the mirror is to help people training at the gym to do their exercises in a very efficient and proper manner. Placing it away from the training area makes it impossible for them to utilize the mirror for this purpose. Some may even be tempted to take some equipment to where the mirror has been placed so that they can see themselves as they exercise. This can bring disorganization in the gym making it hard to access equipment easily since they were misplaced. Placing a large gym mirror in the training area is therefore important as it will help those training to have a better view of what they are doing and at the same time keep the gym organized since everyone can see themselves from any point within the training area.

From the discussion, it is clear that gym mirrors are important fixtures and it is important that they are placed at the most effective places where the benefits will be optimally experienced. The owner of the gym should consult with mirror experts and even interior designers to guide them on the best mirror designs and the right places to put them. The gym may also require some reorganization to ensure the best effects are produced. A well functional gym should incorporate mirrors in its design to improve aesthetics and to ensure gym users can work out and utilize the equipment most beneficially.

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