Glass Sneeze Guards or Barriers Need and Installation Cost for Different Commercial Settings!

Whether a grocery store is operated by you or a pharmacy, bank, or any other business, as long as you’re interacting with other people, you must need protection. Due to COVID-19, it is high time to take all the precautionary measures when you have to interact with the public closely. You must be wearing masks and gloves, but it is the time to take a step ahead and get sneeze guards or barriers installed at your workplaces. These glass sneeze guards protect you and the customers from the spreading of pathogens that are the cause of flu, cough, and other illnesses like COVID-19. In this article, we will be giving you a brief introduction to sneeze, guards, their installation cost in the USA, and where you can order these. In short, you will get to know everything regarding these protective barriers. So, let’s go!

What are the Sneeze Guards?

A barrier that is purposely designed for the protection of goods, foods as well as individuals can be called as a sneeze guard. These barriers are ideally made, so the spread of airborne germs can be prevented. You must have seen these barriers at buffets, but due to COVID-19, there is an added demand of these, and now you wouldn’t be shocked to see them at every place you go where the interaction of the employee and customer is a must just like offices, grocery stores, pharmacy, or any other business. 

How do Barriers Work?

These glass sneeze guards work as a blockade among the customers and the salespersons. By installing these barriers, the trajectory of the droplets gets physically blocked. Thus, no droplet can come from the customer’s end to the worker and vice versa. Not just these, they also serve the purpose as a visual reminder to people regarding proper hygiene and precautionary measures, which is a must in this pandemic of COVID-19. 

The effectiveness of these depends upon the area of your work. It should be wide and tall enough to prevent the transferring of droplets from here and there. In short, these should cover the entire interaction place. However, make sure there’s a cutout at a safe point inside these barriers so the exchange of goods/money can become possible. 

Do you Really Need Sneeze Guards in Commercial Settings?

The use of these sneeze guards in the restaurants/buffets is regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so if you’re working in the food industry, then the use of such barriers is a must. However, due to COVID-19, the usage has taken a further step. Now, it is becoming compulsory to install these guards where the interaction between customers and the workers is possible. So, if you’re dealing with the public, then think for no further and get these sneeze guards installed as they help in the protection of the employees and the customers from the pathogens—ensuring their safety. 

Factors That Impact the Cost of Installation of Glass Sneeze Guards or Barriers

There are different factors on which the cost of installation of glass sneeze guards of barriers depends on. Make sure that you choose such a company that offers these sneeze glasses with easy installation and pocket-friendly rates. Generally, the cost varies due to the following:

The ideal height of the sneeze guard:

It is obvious, the taller your sneeze guard is, the more material it will require, and the more costly it will become.

Optional side curtains: As the name suggests, it is optional; they create an easy wrap-around effect and without any moving. If you wish to add these, the price of the barriers will rise up. 

Dimensions and width:  

Just as the height of the glass sneeze, the more width, and the more material will be utilized for making up the barrier, thus, the more costly it will become. 

The type of glass: The cost also varies with the type of glass that you choose. For example, see the chart below:

TypePrice Per Square Foot
Tempered or impact-resistant glass$12-$14
Laminated or Insulated Glass$10-$20
Thermopane/thermal Glass$10-$14
Flat or Plate Glass$25-$100
Shaw Windows$10-$14
Double glazed Glass$3-$6

The Estimated Cost of Installing Clear Tempered Glass Sneeze Guards for the Counter Desk

Clear tempered glass is best to be used for the counter desks, meaning where you sit and make interactions with the customers. However, the cost of a barrier made up of clear tempered glass varies with the material utilized, the height, and the width. If we compare tempered glass with the standard glass, then we will find its price a bit costly due to the characteristics. On the other hand, it is less expensive than laminated glass. The price of these clear tempered glasses varies; for instance, if you’re purchasing it for $22/square foot, and roughly it is estimated that the ideal length of a counter desk per employee should be 50 square ft, then the overall cost would be $1100.

Where to Order Virus-Free Sneeze Guards?

The best company in providing topmost quality glass sneeze guards, Glass is recognized throughout the USA. They do not just provide pocket-friendly products, but the quality of their products can’t be beaten. For them, the satisfaction and convenience of their customers is the topmost priority. They provide free delivery throughout the nation, SL safe and secure online payment transactions, SSL-certified packaging of products, and they deliver via FedEx & UPS, and they even offer you a glass/mirror weight calculator. Moreover, the process of their online ordering process is super easy:

  • Select the product that you wish to purchase and add it to the cart.
  • View your cart and proceed toward secure checkout.
  • If you have any promo code, then add it to the promo box upon checkout.
  • Now, a form will pop up that will require your relevant details, such as your name, shipping address, phone number, state, etc. fill it up, and continue with the pop-ups. 

That’s it! You’re ready to go.

In a Nutshell

Now that you have acquired ample knowledge regarding the use of glass sneeze guards or barriers, then play your part and get it installed at your workplace. A small step sometimes contributes a lot, and by looking at you, many people will get inspired and they will get it installed at their workplaces as well, thus ensuring the safety of everyone. We all are in this together, and we have to fight it off not just by taking care of ourselves, but of others as well.

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