Home Gym Set – Get a Great Workout at Home

If you are looking for a home gym set, you should get one that can help you get a great workout. You can use a combination of different weights and resistances to improve your strength and stamina. You can use weight lifting plates of varying weights to make the workout more intense. The more weights you use, the higher the cost. You should be pushing yourself past your personal best by increasing the weights. Camo plates are also a great addition to your home gym. You can find them in different weights from Northern.

Kenko’s Home Gym Set A

Kenko is a German company that specializes in creating minimalist Japanese-inspired home gym equipment. Made from natural materials, their equipment includes a set of cardio-based dumbbells and a resistance trainer known as the Expander Double. These pieces work together to strengthen the arms, legs, and core. The set also comes with a massage ball that you can use to massage trigger points. And all of the pieces are packaged in an attractive wood storage system that blends seamlessly into the decor of your home.

Kenko offers a variety of individual sport equipment, as well as larger sets. The Set B, for example, includes a set of one kg dumbbells, an expander set, maple push-up devices, and a cork-and-steel massage ball that can be filled with warm water for a relaxing recovery massage. The entire set comes packaged in a sleek maple wood storage system.

Marcy Diamond Elite

The Marcy Diamond Elite home gym set offers a variety of equipment that will give you the workout you want at home. The standard bench features a five-position back pad, adjustable weight catches, and a steel frame with a durable powder-coat finish. The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Machine features a 430-lb weight capacity and a 14-gauge steel frame for durability. The weight plates range from 10 to 25 pounds and each plate features a spring-loaded retaining clip.

The Marcy Diamond Elite home gym set also includes a heavy-duty square steel tube frame and a durable, high-density vinyl foam seat. The steel frame and foam are powder-coated to protect against wear and tear during heavy use. The steel frame is off-the-floor to add increased stability. The Marcy Diamond Elite home gym set is great for any home gym.

The Marcy Diamond Elite home gym set comes with a weight bench and cable pulleys for performing various exercises. The Marcy MD-9010G is complete with the necessary accessories for performing many different exercises, including bicep curls and preacher curls. The Marcy Dimond Elite home gym set also includes a smith machine and a squat rack for performing all the basic powerlifting moves.


Body Solid’s EXM3000LPS home gym is a versatile workout station that is made for the entire body. The multi-station, multi-tension design of this exercise system provides perfect biomechanical movements and complete comfort. It features durable, non-slip padding, heavy gauge steel construction, and rubber-encased foot plates.

The EXM3000LPS home gym system offers 7 workout stations that work the entire body. This includes a Multi-Press Station, Leg Press/Calf Press Station, and DuraFirm Pads. You’ll also get a set of weight stack shrouds that protect the weights.

The EXM3000LPS is one of the best home gym sets on the market. It provides the same quality strength training as you’d find at a health club, but you can do it at home without breaking the bank. It has seven stations, which is perfect for two people. The Multi-Press Station allows you to perform chest and shoulder presses with a wide range of motion. You can also perform seated row and pec fly exercises using a pec deck.

The Body Solid EXM3000LPS home gym system includes a barbell set and a bench. You can also purchase a VKR30 attachment for the EXM3000LPS. This attachment allows you to add a twisting motion to the exercises.

METIS adjustable squat rack

The METIS adjustable squat rack is a sturdy and reliable piece of equipment. It is made from durable steel with a black powder-coating finish. It is also equipped with anti-slip rubber feet to prevent it from slipping and is suitable for both squatting and benching exercises. At under PS90, it is an affordable investment for a home gym.

This squat rack is one of the best-rated pieces of exercise equipment on Amazon. It holds up to 800 pounds and accommodates a 7-foot Olympic bar. It also comes with adjustable spotter arms, Olympic plate storage, and an angled pull-up bar. There are also other models with a weight bench and lat pulldown attachments. If you don’t have the space for a complete home gym set, you can choose a separate squat rack. However, you should know that you will need to have a ceiling height of over seven feet to install a squat rack.

The METIS adjustable squat rack is ideal for performing all types of strength training exercises. With 19 height levels and 800 lbs of weight capacity, this rack is the perfect choice for a complete body transformation. Moreover, it is made of extra-strong Q235 steel and includes safety catchers that catch falling barbells during squatting. This fitness equipment has a wide range of features, including safety pins, J-cups, and a sleeve mechanism.

Rogue’s RML-390F Monster Lite Rack

Rogue’s RML-390F monster lite rack home gym set is a versatile piece of equipment for your home gym. It features a bolt-together construction and 3×3 steel construction for strength and stability. The design also accommodates most Monster Lite attachments. The compact size of the rack makes it easy to move from one room to the next.

This floor-mounted rack is standard with band pegs, and comes with numbered uprights and strap safetyties. The rack weighs about 300 pounds and has wide, flat feet to keep it stable. It also has a kip feature for extra stability. If you are worried about wobbles, you can always use sandbags to help keep it steady.

You can add optional accessories such as bands and dumbbells to this gym set. The Rogue Monster Lite rack also comes with a lifetime warranty. You can also expand its capabilities with other Rogue Monster Lite products. It has plenty of space to fit most of your workouts.

The Rogue RML-390F Monster Lite Rack is made in the United States. It has several advantages over competitors’ models. For example, its sturdy, bolt-together construction means that it can handle the stress of a heavy workout. Plus, it has a pull-up bar and can be upgraded to use Monster Lite J-Cups.

Rogue’s XR 55

Rogue is a brand that specializes in functional fitness equipment. They offer a number of packages to meet your individual needs, including custom home gyms, CrossFit and military options. Their selection includes some of the best barbells, plates, rings, benches, and accessories.

The XR 55 home gym set is a great starter machine for the home gym enthusiast. It has a strong steel construction and cables rated for 330 pounds. But its cables don’t move smoothly and can jam up while in use. Despite these drawbacks, the XR 55 is a great machine for beginners. However, it’s worth mentioning that its design and weight resistance chart can be confusing for new users.

The XR 55 home gym set includes ten 12.5-lb vinyl weight stacks for a total weight capacity of 330 lbs. It also features six workout stations focusing on muscle development and maintaining muscle mass. Other features of this home gym include a preacher curl pad, dual-function handles, and a lat bar.

Bowflex Revolution

The Bowflex Revolution home gym set is the top of the line in the popular Bowflex line of home gyms. The Revolution offers a variety of exercises and a resistance of up to 220 pounds. The set can also be upgraded to add another 80 pounds of resistance and a 600-pound leg press.

The Bowflex Revolution comes with an instruction manual, which is easy to read and contains large illustrations. It includes complete assembly instructions, as well as a guide to weight loss. The manual also contains a comprehensive list of the tools needed for assembly and provides an illustrated list of parts. The manual will help you to assemble the system and make sure that everything is working correctly. The Bowflex Revolution home gym is easy to assemble, but you will need some tools for the initial setup. You will need screwdrivers, an Allen wrench, and a 3/4″ wrench.

The Bowflex Revolution comes with a 10-year warranty. This warranty covers the frame and all moving parts. It also covers shipping and assembly. The Bowflex Revolution is a great choice if you want a high-quality home gym set that will last for years. If something goes wrong, you can always return the product and receive a full refund.

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