Transforming your bathroom using contemporary Bathroom mirrors

Mirrors are accessories that must not miss in your bathroom. They are used every time you or another user within your home needs to dress up. You can put mirrors within your bathroom space, hallway, and interior walls among other places. The mirrors for the bathroom may be installed in different designs depending on the layout of the house and the bathroom specifically. Interior designers have a better understanding of the most appropriate mirror designs that can fit within the bathroom.  The homeowner ought to identify the types, sizes, and designs of the bathroom mirrors that they should install in their bathrooms to transform them into a more contemporary look. If you are wondering what are the factors you need to check when installing bathroom mirrors within your bathroom? This article will be helpful to you. It will provide details on the type of mirrors for bathroom that are. How to maintain the mirrors and ways you can locate good glass vendors within your locality. 

Type of mirrors that can be installed within the bathroom

 There are two distinct types of mirrors that are installed in modern houses today. They are the frameless and the framed mirrors. The two types of mirrors are installed within the bathroom space depending on the needs of the homeowner. They can also be customized to suit their specific needs at any time. Professional interior designers are dedicated to ensuring property owners get what they want by facilitating the customization of their mirrors for bathroom. The following are the major categories of mirrors that can be set in the bathroom space. 

Frameless mirrors

Just as the name suggests, frameless mirrors are those that are without a frame. They are just mounted on the wall of a house without any or of frame. They are either glued to the wall permanently, or they are hanged using hooks. The method of setting is all dependent on the preferences of the homeowner and the expertise of the interior designers. With frameless bathroom mirrors, they can be of any size ranging from large to small mirrors. The frameless mirrors for bathroom are required to have smoothened edges to minimize injuries to the bathroom users. Commonly, some homeowners would haphazardly cut mirrors for bathroom and install them without caution within the bathroom. This then results in the edges being sharp and may cause harm to users within the bathroom. To avoid such occurrences, homeowners should seek the help of professional technicians who can provide high-quality services and ensure that all the mirrors have smooth edges. 

The framed mirrors

Most framed mirrors are custom cut according to the specifications of the homeowner. The framed mirrors may be expensive due to the design of the folding mirror. The costs, however, are dependent on the complexity of the frame design. For the more complex designs, there is a higher cost and vice versa. Framed mirrors are however more conventional than frameless mirrors. Mostly, in contemporary house designs, homeowners prefer having frameless mirrors since they make the bathroom space look trendier. 

 Why should you have frameless mirrors in your bathroom? 

 Having frameless mirrors within your bathroom is a modern trend that many people should embrace. They have become popular among realtors and individual homeowners. They give their reasons or preferring the frameless mirrors for the bathroom as compared to the conventional framed mirrors. The following are the main reasons why they are popular in the 21st century. 

 They make the bathroom flashy

 How would you like your bathroom with a modern, trendy frameless mirror? You could be used to the traditional mirrors which are mounted on frames picturing a frameless mirror on your bathroom wall could be difficult. Introducing a new style of frameless mirrors within your bathroom space will make it more flashy and sleek. The bathrooms should be treated as spaces where people can spend more time other than just taking a quick shower. You could spend more time in your spa if you have one in your bathroom. Thus, there is a need to create an elegant environment. This is possible with the installation of frameless bathroom mirrors. 

 They create an illusion of more space

 Compared to framed mirrors, frameless bathroom mirrors have a better illusion of more space within the bathroom. When strategically set, they can make the bathroom look more spacious. This is mostly possible when the mirrors are large and cover more than half of a wall from the ground. If you feel that your bathroom offers more space for you to feel comfortable, you could install frameless mirrors in the space, and you will have an illusion of extended space in the long run. The service and expertise of interior designers could come in handy in deciding the right position to set the mirror to perfectly create the illusion. 

Mirrors for the bathroom are easily customizable

 What would happen if you wanted to customize the framed mirrors put in your bathroom? Usually, you would be required to order a new frame and also a new mirror that suits our specifications. This is a limitation that is eliminated by the frameless bathroom mirrors. When you need to make a change to the mirror, it can be done without incurring any losses. You do not need to order a new bathroom mirror when you already have it open in the bathroom. All you need would be to pull it down and make any custom adjustments. In the long run, the homeowner saves on costs that would be incurred in acquiring a new set of mirrors. Frameless mirrors are the most appropriate options to be installed within a bathroom. 

What to look for when buying frameless bathroom mirrors

Buying frameless bathroom mirrors for the first time may be challenging for homeowners. Most homeowners opt to hire interior designers to design the mirrors and buy them before installation. This process ensures that the right mirrors are bought and installed within the bathroom space. The following are factors that should never be overlooked when buying new mirrors that are aimed at transforming a bathroom space to look trendier. 

 The quality of the reflection

 Have you ever stood informed of a mirror, and all you could see were blurry images? This is a common problem with mirrors that are of low quality. You may not have the skill or expertise to identify quality mirrors suitable for your bathroom. The mirrors should have the ability to produce high-quality images so that the bathroom can be more trendy and flashy. Installing a low-quality mirror will only result in your bathroom being duller. Before buying frameless mirrors for the bathroom, consider checking on the quality of the reflection. 

The type of glass used

Making frameless bathroom mirrors starts by selecting a glass and then painting it with a reflective coating. Identifying the type of glass used for the mirror you desire to put in your bathroom would be recommended. Ideally, it is essential to have frameless bathroom mirrors that are made from a glass material that is hard to break. Tempered glass is the most suitable material for making frameless bathroom mirrors. With tempered glass, it shatters into small pebble pieces which are not injurious to the bathroom users. Compared to other types of mirrors made from standard glass, tempered glass is safer. 

The shape of the mirror 

 Have you considered the shape you want your mirror to be? This may be dependent on the available space within your bathroom. Mostly cylindrical and rectangular mirrors are conventionally used. However, the homeowner is at liberty to choose any custom design that satisfies their interior décor needs.  Interior designers with experience of designing frameless bathroom mirrors should be consulted so that they can maintain a trendy outlook in the bathroom. 

Suitable places to install frameless bathroom mirrors

Mirrors for the bathroom can be installed in different positions within the bathroom depending on its size. This means that when there is enough space within the bathroom, the homeowner is spoilt for choice on where to install them. Here are the most suitable points that you can install a frameless mirror to make the bathroom more contemporary. 

 Above the vanity

The vanity mirror is mostly used to do multiple things such as putting on makeup, brushing your teeth or even looking at your daily outfit from the waist up. Frameless mirrors may be placed just above the vanity. It provides an opportunity for bathroom users to look at themselves when they are dressing up or doing minor daily makeup on themselves. The frameless mirrors set above the vanity are mostly horizontal so that they can cover a larger area. When they are vertically placed, the designer may need multiple of them so that they can cover an area that is sufficient. 

Ultimately, when looking forward to installing frameless bathroom mirrors in your bathroom, you should consider the above factors about mirrors. They will be helpful in aiding your journey to transform your bathroom to a more contemporary look.  

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